panerai lab id luminor 1950 carbotech 3 days pam 700 watch

the panerai lab id luminor 1950 carbotech 3 days pam 700’s case is sized at a substantial 49mm. much of the larger size is offset by the carbotech’s characteristic lightweight features. it displays thick layers of the carbon fiber composite and, as i mentioned in the previous words, this gives exciting and interesting visual effects with both the luminous blue and deep black tones on the dial. this layered effect even carries on into the crown protecting device panerai is known for. the matte finishing is a nice inclusion to the watch’s stealthy as well and very accurate appearance. in addition, the case boasts 100 meters of water resistance.

taking a glance at the case back, we will see the caliber p.3001/c in all its deep, dark glory. in fact, one of my favorite features is the power reserve indicator that uses the same blue accents found on the dial. no surprise here, the strap on the replica panerai lab id luminor 1950 carbotech 3 days pam 700 carries the black and blue scheme. the same dark tones found throughout the watch carry on all the way through the buckle and the blue contrast stitching ties together the look. the use of novel and space age materials in top end watches is always fun to follow as a spectator exact replica watches for sale, but it’s far more appreciated when their practical benefits might sometime soon be used in watches that a broader segment can enjoy. using an array of carbon composites and low friction elements that run without the need for any kind of liquid lubrication, the result is a watch that guarantees 50 years of service free operation. we don’t know if the guarantee will hold but, limited in production to only 50 pieces, i can’t imagine that 50 panerai enthusiasts and collectors, aka “paneristis,” won’t want to engage in this long term experiment with the brand.

there’s no doubt that the low friction, oil free concept is a common thing in watch making. the same can be said about a watch like the cartier id two concept we talked before. what these pieces didn’t have was the 50 year guarantee, and while the cartier concept remained a concept, the Jlc is designed to grab attention and reflect its “over engineered” attitude both inside and out. however, this panerai, isn’t really that different looking from any other watch they make strangematterrva, save for the use of blue and other subtle hints. i like that it’s a watch you can actually ostensibly wear every day for 50 years without feeling self founding about it if you have wrists like sylvester stallone, that is.

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